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Landcare Maintenance

Take back your weekends and turn over your landcare maintenance to us!

The key to a great looking yard is maintenance. At Deshe Landscaping & Construction we take pride in offering you worry-free care and maintenance for your property. We maintain residential and commercial properties ranging in size from small to large private houses, to large residential properties and commercial properties.


Our landcare professionals are dedicated to providing the following services:


  • Mowing

  • Tree and shrub trimming and pruning

  • Spring cleanup

  • Fall cleanup

  • Planting bed décor, including: 

    • Mulch (black, brown, red, cedar)

    • Pea gravel

    • Mexican beach pebbles

    • White marble chips

    • Yellow "Jersey Shore" gravel

    • River rock

  • Edging

  • Gutter cleaning

  • Tree and stump removal

  • And more!

To rid your lawn of weeds, pests and diseases, we also provide a full list of lawn, shrub and tree care services

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